For 28 years I have been searching for sleep.  Following an injury which left me with years of pain issues.  I went through it all; Lunesta, Ambien, muscle relaxers, and every holistic remedy I could find.  I finally settled on getting no sleep.  I generally sleep from 3 or 4 am to 6 or 8 am.  That’s better than the nasty side effects from everything I had tried.  Ther is always a side effect of sleep products, until now.

My Healthy Sleep gives me a solid sleep and when I wake during the night, if at all, I am able to return to another round of restful sleep.

I am truly thrilled and amazed.  Sleep, REM sleep even, (of which there is none with RX Sleep Aids), honest to God Rest with no side effects.  I’m a very happy Girl!  Yum, Yum, Yum.  Thank You!

Sheila – Golden, CO