2019 is the beginning of another “new year” and the perfect time for reflection and for many of us a time to make some healthier habits or choices.

With a New Year fast approaching, many of us take time to review the past year and make new or renewed commitments to a multitude of “resolutions” that we intend to keep in the upcoming year. Usually we think of losing weight, being more physically active, taking our vitamins, eating better, drinking less alcohol or soda and more water or a mirage of other new “healthy habits” we can put in place or “bad habits” we want to change.

Did you know that it takes 21 days to create a habit and
conversely 21 days to break an old habit that no longer serves us.

How about those habits that do serve us, but we tend to get out of sync and consequently get out of those good “habits” (working out consistently)? Just 3 short weeks to a new routine or to get out of an old routine.  In reality; that’s not a very long time to do something that can change your life for the better!

What About Sleep?

One thing that we rarely hear people talk about at the new year is changing the way they sleep! And yet sleep is one of the fundamental building blocks to our health; both mental and physical!  Without good sleep we don’t function as well as we should. Lack of good, deep sleep effects our memory, mood, sex drive, our weight and even our immune system.

Think about it, 1 out of 3 people suffer from poor sleep, with stress, computers, phones, TV, and taking work home being blamed for lack of good sleep.  Long term what does this mean?  Our sleep patterns are disrupted, and it takes time to reset our brains!  Don’t give up, expect recovery to be the same as creating any new habit! Not only does long term lack of sleep lead to Alzheimer’s, but on a physical level, regular poor sleep puts us at risk of more serious medical conditions; obesity, heart disease and diabetes – and it shortens your life expectancy.  Good, deep sleep is important!

Do you suffer from not getting a good night’s sleep?

Make the new year  a perfect time to make a new commitment to your health and working towards ensuring that you are giving your body and brain the sleep it needs on a consistent basis!

Create new habits to get the rest you need:

  1. Go to bed around the same time every night.
  2. Limit screen time; TV, phones and computer blue lights 2 hours before bed.
  3. No alcohol within 4 hours of bed time. A drink at dinner (5pm or 6pm) and then bedtime at 9pm or 10pm usually is the perfect timing so that alcohol does not interfere with your sleep.
  4. No heavy aerobic exercise before bed.  Nighttime yoga is a perfect way to unwind from a stressful day and can help a lot with sleep as well as muscle tone. Not into yoga? How about a walk around the block after dinner to unwind and help your food digest? Take it easy on your body after a full day to help your body unwind.
  5. Take a multi MINERAL supplement at bedtime. NOT a multi-vitamin but a MULTI-MINERAL. Magnesium, potassium and calcium are essential for relaxing the body.  If you can’t find a multi-mineral; get a magnesium (250mg), Calcium (no more than 500mg) and potassium (99mg) supplement.

If you still find yourself not sleeping, this is the perfect time to give “My Healthy Sleep” a try and create a new healthy sleep habit.  With the perfect blend of amino acids, herbs and melatonin our all-natural sleep formula is created to help your brain reset its sleep pattern, so you get the deep sleep that your body needs to repair.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be blogging about each ingredient in our original formula and why they work synergistically to rest our sleep patterns, help us fall asleep faster, stay asleep all night and wake up feeling refreshed.

And some exciting news! At the end of January, we expect to release our extra strength formula which again is all natural and still a blend of amino acids, herbs and melatonin that we specifically created for the 5% of our customers who didn’t get the deep sleep they need from our original formula.

So, this year, think about making a commitment to the way you sleep by making some positive changes to the way you think about sleep and the things you may do that interfere with good sleep.  Keep in mind that none of us are immune to the stressors of life and when we get out of balance and our sleep is affected, My Healthy Sleep is a perfect all-natural way to help achieve that balance that is so necessary to good, deep sleep.  Happy New Year !