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The Right Formula Makes All the Difference

Unlike other one size fits all sleep aids, My Healthy Sleep has multiple options to fit your sleep needs. The best way to find out which formula is right for you is to educate yourself on the various formulas. 

What Are My Options?

All Natural Sleep Aid

Formula Breakdown




Essentials Formula is for people who have moderate sleep issues and simply don’t sleep well – are sleeping but not dreaming (getting into the right REM sleep) and are waking up tired.  This is an excellent formula for people who have reset their sleep patterns and gotten off of prescription medications using either our Extra Strength Original Formula or our Maximum Strength Formula and no longer need the added support of amino acids and want to insure that they keep sleeping well – achieving deep sleep. This formula is in a smaller tablet than Extra Strength or Maximum Strength and can be taken based on weight and the dose is easily adjusted.  

Extra Strength & Original



Extra Strength & Original Formula are both for people who have chronic sleep issues. Who have more bad nights than good nights sleeping, who typically wake up after several hours of sleep, start thinking about things or simply lay in bed and can't fall back to sleep until right before the sun starts to come up or the alarm goes off. The tablets are the Extra Strength formula and can be dissolved in liquid if preferred. The original formula comes in powder format only and can be mixed in 4 oz of juice or water before bed. The powder formula is absorbed much faster in to the body then the tablets, but does require dealing with the strong flavor. Both formulas contain amino acids.

Maximum Strength



Maximum Strength Formula is for extreme sleep issues, people who have been diagnosed with chronic sleep deprivation, who sleep for an hour or two, wake up and repeat, those of us who toss and turn all night and who could be referred to as an extreme type A personality. Those of us like this can’t seem to quiet our minds and we live with a higher level of anxiety than most. This formula is currently available in tablet form only. This formula contains amino acids that have been reported to reset, clean up, realign and restore proper functioning of the neurotransmitters our brains use for sleep that get disrupted with life changes, stress, illness and/or grief.